What’s Different About Us?

“Be the change you want to see in the world” is a daily mantra for Emerging Women NC.

Practicing the art of influence we inspire others to embrace a bigger, richer, more inclusive view of what’s possible for our local communities and global neighbors.

While being a force for good by doing good, our quest is not to overpower anyone or anything but to stand alongside those who speak of change for the better and are engaged in it.

As fellow climbers, we intentionally look for opportunities to help others to climb. We believe that there is plenty of room at the top for anyone that seeks to do the work to get there!

If you or your organization is ready to shift into a work- culture that thrives and flourishes, Emerging Women NC would like to support you in that mission.

Support & Investment Opportunities

Emerging Women NC seeks to find like minded organizations that share our message and mission.

In 2019 we will, for the first time, elect 12 organizations across North Carolina as our core sponsors and advocates to join us as we continue to raise the bar for all of those who choose to lead.

With the support of these organizations, women who lead with compassion and integrity inside their work-teams and women in their communities will be honored and spotlighted along with these amazing companies.

If you are an organization who would like to invest in Emerging Women NC by reinforcing what your values are, please contact us.

To review our 2018 Sponsorship Packet, Click Here!

If you need an engaging speaker to fire you team up or a focused lunch & learn, we can accommodate.

Looking to be involved with our programs and global outreach?

Contact us we would be glad to make any of these things possible. Click Here.

Get Involved

Emerging Women NC is not membership driven. We are about continuously connecting and building meaningful relationships.

If you seek to volunteer to be a part of our leadership advisory and talent team we would be honored to speak to you to see how we can make it worth your time and talent to do just that.

Looking to find new ways to motivate  and inspire your team towards greater productivity? There are numerous opportunities for us to bring a program or event right to you and your organization.

We continue to seek out women across the state that are lifting others to climb.  Please help us find these women by nominating and supporting them. Nomination Form.

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