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All Year Long

Launch on Site at Organizations Throughout NC


Step Forward Campaign

Inside your organization are outstanding women that are influencing a cultural shift by modeling compassion and integrity no matter the position they hold. Our mission is to help you and your work team seek out and celebrate these women and raise the bar of inclusiveness so that the best leaders step forward! 

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All Year Long

Launch on Site at Organizations Throughout NC

Why Do Men/Why Do Women Lead, Learn & Love The Way They Do Forum?

Have you ever felt puzzled by things the opposite gender does?Do you find it hard to understand  the opposite sex at home and in the work place?

Why Do Men/Women Forums are a safe space where anonymous questions are asked and answered by panelists sharing their own experiences. Audience participation is welcomed and encouraged. Debunk Gender Related Stereotypes. Regain Trust for the Opposite Sex. Launch and Grow Healthier Relationships inside your Organizations and your Personal Life! 

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June 2019

Every other Saturday, 11:00am-12:30pm

June 8, 2019 – Aug. 3, 2019
Online Video Course


Boldly Lead and Live with Purpose

This program is designed to embolden women to deepen their authenticity, increase their well-BEING, and strengthen their talents to facilitate the transformation to their next best selves. 


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June/July 2019 

Girl’s Summer Camp Program

9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m

Dates: *See information
Research Triangle High School
3106 E. NC 54 
Research Triangle Park, NC

Summer Day Camps for Girls –

Arts & Crafts | Animals & Nature | Games, Puzzles, and more! – Summer Day Camps for girls 8-12

Our three unique Summer Day Camps provide a variety of fun, age-appropriate hands-on activities for girls ages 8-12, in a safe welcoming environment. For more information about our camps see below, or visit

For more information on “Celebrate my Gifts” program click here.

For more information on “I am the Key” program click here.

For more information on “Summer Day Camps” program click here.




July/August 2019 

Two Day Youth Program

10:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m

July 15 and 16th 2019

Location: Open Table Methodist Church Fellowship Hall. Raleigh NC


Youth Global Inclusive Leadership Program –

Building Powerful Relationships That Change the World – 2 day leadership program for teens 14 -19

For the past 2 years Emerging Women NC has engaged students from both Iraq and local teens by helping them discover ways to promote inclusive leadership through understanding and appreciating the dynamic of gender differences and cultural diversity. Student are challenged to use their new leadership skills by being involved with an on-sight service-learning opportunity. Pulling from the best leadership and stewardship practices each participant will be challenged to think bigger than their world by focusing on becoming a more global minded citizen that contributes in positive ways to their community and the world. 



November 2019

Friday noon till Sunday noon

Date/Location TBA

Revive Us Retreat 2019

All inclusive Weekend Celebration in the Beautiful Mountains of Boone, NC

Once again Emerging Women NC will be inviting Women leaders, and we all lead in one capacity or another, to will step back for a weekend to rest, relax, reflect, and rejuvenate all in preparation for the holiday season and the dawning of a new year!  Come joins us for a fun filled weekend in the beautiful mountains outside of Boone NC. Room, meals, hiking, bonfire, yoga and mediation and other mindful activities are included in price. Spend some quiet quality time celebrating all the positive things you have done this year and the ripple effect it has on our communities, families and most of all, on our personal growth as women.



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