Artist for Butterfly Women Series

When we were looking for ways to give meaning to our work that transcends any language, we sought-out artists across North Carolina to capture our Butterfly Women on paper and canvas. These stunning images by equally stunning and gifted artists have traveled around the world helping us build peace as well as create dialog that connects communities locally, nationally and globally.

Lyudmila Tomova

Out of the gate with her first in the series “Beyond Powerful,” Lyudmila, also known as “Lucy,” has wasted no time in capturing the resilience of womanhood in her Butterfly Women Series.  She is an award-winning artist, illustrator, designer, and a rising star on the Triangle art scene. Her recent watercolors have attracted much attention locally and nationally with their expressive brushwork, color, line, and a stylized flair that emphasizes movement.  Learn more , Click Here.

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Bri Johnson

Bri loves to capture animals, nature, mythology and their essence on paper. Her work has a whimsical playful flair which suits her personality just fine.  Appalachian State graduate, she calls Boone home. She works primarily with ink. The open space of pastures and hillsides where she lives serves as a beautiful backdrop to her artistic ambitions. Her work is displayed in cafes and office buildings across North Carolina. Learn more about this wonderful artist. Click Here

View Butterfly Women Series Below. Contact Artist for Purchase