Inclusive View Of Leadership

The word “leader” and the position of leadership should be less about who is in front and more about helping others towards the forefront!

The Vision

Emerging Women NC is a movement that seeks to redefine leadership globally. By fully embracing both genders, our goal is to remove the battle of inequality to allow the best leaders to step forward.

Our Mission

Highlighting women leaders, Emerging Women NC seeks to amplify the positive impact that inclusive leadership has on organizations and communities. We further educate and encourage leaders of all genders, cultures, and ages to lead with compassion and integrity.

One Flight. Four Wings.

Leadership Advancement

  • Emerging Women NC inducts and celebrates outstanding women community leaders across North Carolina to serve as positive role models and change agents
  • Emerging Women NC creates leadership development opportunities through workshops/forums and lunch & learns for both the public and private sector.
  • Emerging Women NC invest in local and global youth through young leadership programs

Advocates for Peace


  • Emerging Women NC sponsors global service-learning trips that broaden participants perspective of cultural differences, nuances, behaviors and beliefs.
  • Emerging Women NC partners with international organizations to help support their mission of great global awareness and collaboration.

Mission Impact


  • Emerging Women NC spotlights leaders of all ages, genders, and cultural backgrounds, who are making a positive difference inside the communities they serve.
  • Emerging Women NC commissions an emerging artist each year whose work complements the goals and positive themes of our organization.

Growth and Support


  • Emerging Women NC seeks out individual donors, sponsors and investors who share similar values and who are focused on redefining leadership in a way that has a positive impact on those they serve.

Leadership Advisory & Talent Teams

Anh LyJordan

Program Adviser - Community Leaders


BJ Davis

Executive Director


Casey Gentry

Assistant Director of Digital Marketing--Intern


Celina Santos

Assistant Creative Director--Intern


Donna Berkelhammer

Business Legal Consultant


Kaysha Harvey

Director of Special Events


Nick Popio

Director of Digital Marketing and Public Relations


Scott Markowitz

Adviser - Events & Programs


Thomas Gehrmann

Adviser - Events & Programs


Zebrina Warner

Strategist - Organizational Development