Inclusive View Of Leadership

From the beginning we have believed that social impact found in inclusive leadership, together with organizations willing to make this paradigm shift, will endure long past market trends and economic uncertainties!

Leadership Advisory & Talent Teams

BJ Davis



As a trainer in the field of inclusive leadership and team development for the past 16 years, BJ is an enthusiastic coach, keynote speaker and facilitator of programs that extract concepts and ignite positive change. Moving ideas from the drawing board and launching them out into the world, she is a catalyst for innovative gutsy moves that impact change. Emerging Women NC is an extension of her best intentions; be kind, be inclusive, use your gifts to help others.

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Anh LyJordan


Director of Development

Anh is the founder of Accelerate The Climb, a non-profit serving first-generation college students with a program that provides leadership and professional development, mentoring, networking and financial support for internships. Anh joined the EWNC leadership team because she believes in the mission of creating and supporting inclusive and diverse leadership that creates a more productive workplace.

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Donna Berkelhammer


Legal Business Consultant

Former courtroom journalist who was frustrated at how incomprehensible our legal system had become, Donna felt called to help people interpret and apply the law’s abstract principles. As a business attorney Donna’s goal is to deliver legal expertise that creates peace of mind. She has been part of the EWNC leadership team for the past 3 years.

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Zebrina Warner


Strategist-Organizational Development Coach

Zebrina is a powerful Organizational Coach that helps individual leaders and teams by weeding out what slows down growth and forward motion. She is extremely passionate about EWNC and the impact it is having inside of work cultures across North Carolina. “It’s important to see past titles/positions and I believe that we encourage people to recognize true leaders, the ones that are not obvious from first glance.”  “Leadership comes in many forms and I love helping leaders to see a better versions of themselves!”

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Kaysha Harvey


Director of International Events

Kaysha is organized, friendly and strategic with making things flow. She’s a perfect match for keynote speakers and authors who need someone to orchestra all the moves behind the scene to make their events a huge success! Because of her extensive love for travel and connecting with people of various cultures she is able to help connect Emerging Women NC to global communities.

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Scott Markowitz


Creative Coach/Lead Program Facilitator/ Editing Adviser

Scott’s passion lies in coaching Creatives towards their best selves. Scott is an award winning TV/Film Editor, Reality TV Developer, and director of post productions. He is a lead facilitator for Emerging Women NC’s Why Do Men/Why Do Women forums and workshops. Scott has been involved in EWNC from the beginning as it aligns with his own values of inclusivity that unleashes creativity.

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Jared Caldwell


Lead Photographer/ Videographer

Jared is the founder of the Raleigh based photography and film venture, New Depth Creations LLC. Jared encourages through the use of videos and still-frames life stores from those that live them. He came on board EWNC as a male advocate who admires the remarkable strides that women have made and the impact it has on all of us. “I am always grateful to be a part of an important cause, and even more grateful to document the journey.”

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