Breaking Down Barriers

Amplifying Inclusive Leadership

Impacting Global Change



“No matter the position we hold at work, at school, or in our community, we shall show the world an alternative example by always caring enough to be remarkable and unifying.” – Brandon Burchard

Leadership Advancement

Celebrating outstanding women who serve as role models, we seek to amplifying the positive impact of inclusive leadership. Through educational development opportunities launched inside organizations and communities, along with global youth programs we are having an impact of how leadership is defined across all genders, cultures, and ages. Meet our Community Leaders!


Advocates for Peace

Through events that bring people together, Emerging Women NC broadens perspectives and understanding of different genders, cultures, behaviors and beliefs. Launching global service-learning opportunities, inviting foreign diplomats and global thought-leaders to share best practices, we edge closer to the goal of removing inequality to allow the best leaders to step forward.  Experience Our Community.  

Mission Impact

Emerging Women NC brings awareness of other leaders of various ages, genders, and cultural backgrounds who are making a positive difference for those they serve. The impact of our message is translated graphically worldwide by yearly commissioning an artist whose work complements our vision and mission. Meet our Emerging Artist. 

Growth and Support

Our work is a collaborative effort. Through donors, sponsors and investors who share similar values and who are focused on redefining leadership that is changing work-cultures in a positive way, we continue to expand and grow.  Consider the benefits and impact being a part of this movement would have on your organization and those you serve. Check out our Sponsorship Packet


I am an Emerging Woman Leader.

I am a student and a teacher, fully engaged in the process of daily learning.

I am a woman who considers the impact of my actions and intentions so that I do no harm.

I am open to experiencing the emergence of self and others.

I am aware that I have gifts and talents, and I seek daily opportunities to share them.

I am transparent in truth, continuously evolving towards a more genuine way of being.

I am freed when I release my need to be right.

I am unencumbered by the fear of differences.

I am steeped in compassion, accepting others without judgment.

I embrace my place alongside my sisters as we transform lives by enriching the world.

I am an Emerging Woman Leader!