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Who We Are

“Leadership should be less about who is in the front and more about helping others to the forefront!”

We are a statewide movement built on transformative leadership principles that impact communities and work cultures for the better. By fully embracing both genders, our goal is to encourage the best leaders to step forward regardless of gender.

Emerging Women NC’s trademark lies in our ability to support organizations by elevating work cultures, reinforcing trust, and by setting a gold standard of respect towards all individuals for their contributions and leadership skills.


What We Are Up To

Emerging Women NC utilizes campaigns, programs, events, and speaking engagements to build on principles that advance inclusive leadership.

Our “Step Forward” campaign stands as a solution provider for great companies seeking to boost morale and impact their bottom-line. By nominating and electing emerging women leaders, regardless of title or position, work teams can celebrate inclusivity in ways that elevates performances and morale..


Why We Care

“Qualified talent, regardless of its gender, should be put where it can best contribute to your company’s corporate success” –Network of Executive Women

Corporate America has created artificial barriers and ceilings that limit people’s ability to be seen for who they truly are and what they can contribute.

Emerging Women NC envisions a world where everyone contributes to their fullest potential regardless of gender and cultural differences. We imagine a world where the best leaders step forward and authentically lead with compassion and integrity while raising the bar of expectations and outcomes inside of company cultures and norms.



The Impact 

Equality and inclusion has its own impact, and we help to magnify it!

According to The Peterson Institute for International Economics, a survey of 21,980 firms from 91 countries found that having women at the C-Suite level significantly increases net margins.

By creating higher standards and expectations of corporate conduct Emerging Women NC believes through positive leadership role modeling, greater profitability and sustainability will be realized.

Investing in our “Step Forward” campaign and leadership programs will raise the awareness of positive and compassionate leadership in your workforce.

Your company will experience a boost in morale and a shift in your work enviornment resulting in greater profitability and loyalty.

At the end of the day, your people are your greatest assets, the ones who will carry you to the top.


Our Vision

Emerging Women NC is a movement that seeks to help redefine leadership globally.

By fully embracing both genders, our goal is to encourage the best leaders to step forward.

Our Mission

Highlighting women who lead, Emerging Women NC seeks to amplify the positive impact that inclusive leadership has on organizations and communities.

We further educate and encourage leaders of all genders, cultures, and ages to lead with compassion and integrity.


We are Emerging Women Leaders.

We are students and teachers, fully engaged in the process of daily learning.

We are women who consider the impact of our actions and intentions so that we do no harm.

We are open to experiencing the emergence of self and others.

We are aware that we have gifts and talents, and we seek daily opportunities to share them.

We are transparent in truth, continuously evolving towards a more genuine way of being.

We are freed when we release our need to be right.

We are unencumbered by the fear of differences.

We are steeped in compassion, accepting others without judgment.

We embrace our place alongside our sisters as we transform lives by enriching the world.

We are Emerging Women Leaders!