Women Lifting Others to Climb

Emerging Women NC is a movement that advocates for women leaders who are a force for good in communities and organizations. Practicing the art of influence, we inspire present and future leaders of all genders, cultures, and ages to lead with compassion and integrity; launching programs and events that support positive leadership traits that impact local, national and global communities.

Leadership Redefined

Leadership Redefined

Emerging Women NC Community Leaders are opening new doors for others to walk through by modeling positive leadership traits. Nominate a Community Leader today! Click Here.

A Force For Good

A Force for Good

Organizations focused on creating the best work-culture for their employees are banding with Emerging Women NC to created change. We’d love to share with you our vision and how you can get involved! Click Here.

Transforming Lives

Transforming Lives

We deliver engaging programs and workshops that enrich and challenge personal thinking.  Learn how to break down barriers and instil trust with those you lead. Get to know what we do, Click Here.

Advocating Peace

Advocating Peace

Building Peace is not just words with Emerging Women NC.  We do it by engaging with global communities. We seek to reach beyond cultural differences and language barriers to find a place out beyond judgement and misunderstanding.

Inspiring Young Leaders

Inspiring Young Leaders

Young hearts that are full with ambition and aspirations that want to change the world for the better. Inclusive, creative, dynamic and willing to serve, these young leaders learn ways to care for the world through our programs. Click Here.

Connecting & Empowering

Connecting and Empowering

Emerging Women NC brings events and programs to your organization. Throughout the year, we launch special events both locally and globally. Stay connected by checking out our calendar for upcoming events. Click Here.



I am an Emerging Woman Leader.

I am a student and a teacher, fully engaged in the process of daily learning.

I am a woman who considers the impact of my actions and intentions so that I do no harm.

I am open to experiencing the emergence of self and others.

I am aware that I have gifts and talents, and I seek daily opportunities to share them.

I am transparent in truth, continuously evolving towards a more genuine way of being.

I am freed when I release my need to be right.

I am unencumbered by the fear of differences.

I am steeped in compassion, accepting others without judgment.

I embrace my place alongside my sisters as we transform lives by enriching the world.

I am an Emerging Woman Leader!

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